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As of know all the ones I have currently unlocked. CJAyC is the genius for coming up with this great site. Controls You can use 3 types of PSX controllers for this game: TOCA 2 for Windows also has the ability to import skins for each car. It’s best to play this portion of the game with the view of you car behind and high. To understand my explanation here is a table ExampleTurn 3R This is the third turn, it is a right hander Turn 6L This is the sixth turn and it is a left hander Thruxton Reviews 2 Message Board.

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To join in the discussion, click the register link below to get started. Log In Sign Up. Retrieved 23 August With the new patches I found here it works just fine.

TOCA 2 Touring Cars working on Windows 7

Upon starting the career mode, you begin toca 2 race during a race, with your mechanic, Scotty, face you instructions on your controls. Ultimate Racing Simulator Review for Xbox”. If beating the pants of other players in Burnout 3 has you psyched about your driving skills, be prepared for a shocker; drifting an Enzo, Koenigsegg or other supercar car isn’t as easy as you think and ToCA Race Toca 2 race 2 will test those skills the way GT4 will on PS2.

Takes you to the modes available. Views Read Edit View history. One more update after this which will correct all grammar and spelling errors. Acknowledgements I would like to thank gameFAQs for putting this up.

TOCA 2 Touring Cars working on Windows 7 — Codemasters Forums

If you do not get Speedvisionin your area, contact your cable provider and tell them you want it! But the flash isn’t what ToCA Race Driver 2 is about; it’s a racing game and that’s where the game shines like a freshly polished gem. toca 2 race

Single playerCompetitive Developer: This particular toca 2 race didn’t do as well in the US. There’s a better way now One of our favorite racers from a couple years ago was Codemasters ‘ Pro Race Driver.

Sign Toca 2 race or Register to comment. January 21 edited January You can print this file to use while you are playing the game. Also my lovely girlfriend The start of the race is tooca hardest and most important moment in any of the races.

This is a cool place where you can drive any car in the TOCA series or any support car that you have unlocked and test toca 2 race car out. I believe so, I did a more detailed guide before, but Codemasters removed it as it infringes on copyright.

Features 31 licensed and fictional global race locations offering 48 tracks including Hockenheim from the German DTM series and Surfers Paradise toca 2 race the Australian V8 series. One major bonus to the noncareer modes is that you can make adjustments to your car.

Version History 1. You start at and move up or down depending on how you perform. Toca 2 race most laps depends on tocz difficulty.

TOCA Race Driver 2: The Ultimate Racing Simulator Review

There are no images currently submitted. The first race is a sprint race where you have 3 laps to get the best position you can.

Championship selection effectively takes care of this for you, because only certain cars toca 2 race permitted to race on specific tracks. Anyone who played Pro Race Driver will remember its unique career mode, which focused on a young, passionate driver named Ryan McKane.

EXE, as the launcher doesn’t seem to work any more. My normal genre of game playing is RPG’s but I do love racing games.