Most likely it is just a failing FL inverter board. My first guess is that the problem is related to connections. I can assume, that it also might indicate a problem with the system board. Is it the inverter? If the external video is fine, then I would suspect the LCD or the video cable connection. Thank you very much for your time i use to help people online all the time and i know it kind of gets tiresome answering questions for nothing, but in the end its worth it:

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It looks like you have a similar problem. Am I being taken for a ride?

Any ideas on what would cause this? If the external video is fine then most likely the Sony vaio pcg frv26 is going bad. There are 2 video cables listed for Toshiba Satellite AS screen. When I do this, there is a flicker of backlight vaii time to time. I would appreciate any insight on how to make this determination. I decided that I want to change the inverter myself next time. The laptop is a Acer aspire series.

The display is very sony vaio pcg frv26 and when I push on the little hinge button, it beeps and the display flicker. It happened a couple months ago and I took it to a warranty center pc was still covered then and they replaced the whole LCD assembly.

I turned it off and then when I turned it on again. A few minutes after the system has booted and the desktop appears, the display goes black. It is possible that the LCD lid close switch is causing the problem.

VAIO Recovery Disk – Guide for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

A bit of history. After that I connected my test screen and got the backlight! Also, would you ffrv26 buying the inverter from any site or company in particular?

The backlight goes off when you move the display. Not sure, I have never seen a problem like yours. When I press on sony vaio pcg frv26 casing above the screen it goes away, but comes right back when I let go. It has a mhz celeron with mb ram and a 6gb harddisk.

How to troubleshoot and fix video problems | Laptop Repair

Pcb Jeff, With a bad FL inverter you still should see some data on the screen. It seems that the problem could be anywhere in the video system, from the video card, sony vaio pcg frv26 the cable, to the inverter or the LCD itself. I am confused as to whether it is the LCD itself, the backlight, or the lcd inverter that needs to be replaced.

Try to connect the LCD screen to an external monitor. I can reboot and the screen may be perfect for the rest of the day, or the lines may be there right sony vaio pcg frv26 boot-up, or they may appear viao an hour or so.

From my knowledge, the main function of the FL inverter board is to provide a necessary voltage and amperage to light up the backlight bulb. Lid close switch does nothing…no flickering.

How to troubleshoot and fix video problems

At first I thought about a failed FL inverter board. Ricky, I still think that it could be a connection issue. Thanks so much in advance.

There is no way for me to sony vaio pcg frv26 if the laptop has been physically damaged without looking at it. It is possible that not only you suffer from the same problem, and it is possible that they can take care of your laptop for no charge.

Could you give me any advice for repairing this computer? The mouse pointer just disappears if you go over there.