Can anyone help me? There is no easy way to troubleshoot problems like that over the internet. All service manuals are in PDF format and you can download them using below mentioned links. Biny August 16, Wait for minutes.

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Cong September 24, Hifantastic job, great selection of manuals, I am looking for 1 in specific, Sony Vaio PCG — KM, sony vaio pcg-6g4l anyone can help with this, please send me a link.

When i switch on the laptop the screen i blank and white in color. Jer’ May 29, I am looking for a guide to disassemble sony vaio pcg-6g4l body of the sucker.

VGN-PCH and presently it is not booting I have tried resetting the Bios by taking out the Cmos battey and shorting out the two terminals but no luck. Sometimes the screen goes off when playing film or music but the film or music sound is still sony vaio pcg-6g4l, and I still can see the statement of the film still moving on in a very dim image. Do they use the same hardware connectors and interface? Sony vaio pcg-6g4l you or anyone post it?

It does not start. Hamcamper May 17, Do I need to remove keyboeard??

Service manuals for Sony Vaio | Laptop Repair

Michel May 20, I would like to get a schematic to do some troubleshooting. Because I wanto upgrade my hdd, or if you know how to this Sony vaio pcg-6g4l you pleas send this info to my mail above. Can you test your laptop pcg-6gg4l an external monitor and find out if external video still works?

If you need to access data, you can remove the hard drive and connect it to another working computer using an external USB enclosure as I explained in this post.

Kiwipeekay January 14, Luffy November 16, John Pcg-6gl4 May 13, I skny not a technican just an enthusiast replaced the screen in 1 hour without any sony vaio pcg-6g4l. Where could there possibly be sony vaio pcg-6g4l loose wire etc. Anyone has good ideas?

Service manuals for Sony Vaio

Please, I need to replace my sony vaio pcg-6g4l disk on my Vaio vgn-tznb, would you help me with the repair manual? I got my Sony laptop blown up last night due to incorrect adapter.

Before you buy a sony vaio pcg-6g4l screen, you should check connection between the video cable and LCD screen. Ashish March 11, I have never been able to plug to an external monitor. I have a Sony Vaio pcgL, also known as a vpcecx.

Make sure all volume controls hardware and software are turned up. I have a sony vaio laptop that is having a sony vaio pcg-6g4l of booting up… The laptop displays the vaio image pcg-6g4k never enters the next step, sometimes it takes a very long time to go to the next stage.

Can some pcg-6g4ll tell me where to buy sony power supply or where to down load diagram of sony vgn cr??? For a several years I never had any this kind of problem.

The laptop will sony vaio pcg-6g4l booting from the recovery disc. This beep-beep-beep sounds like a stuck key on the keyboard. Is there a method of reattaching it, or should I vaip a replacement keyboard? Both the keyboard and touchpad have stopped working, although F2 and F8 work when booting.