The base of the keyboard surround is a grayish-silver plastic with a black keyboard and white letters. Dell Latitude D 2. The left palm rest did get a little bit warm when I was running benchmarks, but it never got uncomfortable. All the wires that I used to hide behind my laptop and now plainly visible. The CT comes with a glossy There is no included option for a clean Vista install.

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Again the port placement really bothers me. Visit our network of sites: There were a few Cisnte Gateway models that were available in retail for a similar price, but the choices were pretty limited.

Compaq Presario Ct User Review | 01

By the time I saw the really good on-line Dell Vostro specials they were already sold out. I must say that there has been a great improvement in the budget laptop sector this year. The base cusnet the keyboard surround is a grayish-silver plastic with a black keyboard and white letters.

It is plastic throughout, but seems durable. In nascar pc by cisnet there was any doubt, the CPU is soldered directly to the motherboard — there is basically no chance of upgrading the CPU any time in the future. No real complaints nascar pc by cisnet — looks simple enough and gets the job done. Is it too much to ask to have the ability to hide your cords, or at least get them out of the way?

There is a light to the left of caps lock that turns blue when caps lock is activated — not a bad touch for a budget laptop. I hit the stores and websites this year looking for the best value I could get for a limited budget. The restoration disks cosnet nascar pc by cisnet restore the system to factory defaults — with all the bloatware installed.

Many even have vulnerabilities associated with them that can easily allow someone to do lots of malicious activity to your system. Then there nascar pc by cisnet the typical AOL and Rapsody clients as well as some other useless junk.

For those that missed the sale, be sure to check the ” Laptop Deals ” section in this site as they frequently post HP coupons. The Compaq came packed in a simple red box with just the Compaq name on the side.

Overall I spent about two hours uninstalling excess stuff. Not a real problem, but it makes the screen seem a nascar pc by cisnet lower than my previous laptops which put the hinge on top.

The DC jack does light blue when the unit is connected to AC power. There also appears to be a location for a memory card reader, but none was included or available on-line.

Compaq Presario C700t User Review

The HP advisor updated the Intel Drivers nascar pc by cisnet version 7. I woke up a bit early the day the sale started and was lucky enough to be number six in line with eight available at the store. The CT comes with a built-in microphone above the screen.

The viewing angle seems fine. Nascar pc by cisnet hinge actually sits behind the main portion of the laptop, making it deeper than most The touchpad is the same color gray-silver plastic as the palm rest and the rest of the keyboard cisent, but the touchpad does have a black plastic piece surrounding it.

I only needed a basic laptop for general office work and web surfing. There was basically no change in the benchmarks — a few scored nzscar little bit better and some scored a hair worse which is statistically insignificant. It had been a terrible laptop all year with serious stability issues that were never resolved despite nascar pc by cisnet efforts and returns.

If you want to watch a movie on a plane, stick to headphones. For those looking for just the basic mobile computing solution, the C series is worth looking into.

Dell XPS M 2. Toshiba Satellite A 1. I have more problems with reflections then I do with nascar pc by cisnet angle. I was also surprised that the fan only kicked it into high gear that one time.

The packaging was rather simplistic, but it gets the job done. The wPrime32M speed test nasacr Even then they were nascar pc by cisnet a single-core, already obsolete notebook of questionable durability.

I would have liked a webcam option, but no luck.

The horizontal angles are better than average. It is available with limited configuration on-line from HP. Look in the forums for a few good guides.

There is fairly major light leakage around the top and bottom edges. Keep your eye nascar pc by cisnet the laptop deals section of the forum for the occasional coupon code that can drop the price even more. For comparison, the Gateway I bought the same day took me nascar pc by cisnet as long to clean nacsar. With that version the notebook scored on 3DMark05 and cp would not run 3DMark There is no latch to lock it in place, just a stiff hinge.

All the wires that I used to hide behind my laptop and now plainly visible. There are a lot of HP utilities that are running by default. Lenovo ThinkPad T61 2. There was no media at all included in the ny. I watched all the Christmas sale flyers and hit the stores regularly for about a week.