Optional I Stand Construction The stand is made up of the following parts. Table Of Contents 4. Mounting The Cutter Pen Appendix C External Dimensions Setting The Initial Down Force Avoiding reading areas that obviously do not include registration marks increases the registration- mark reading speed and minimizes the possibility of incorrect reading due to other marks on the medium.

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Graphtec 3000-60 Of Special Functions B Checking The Accessories Loading The Medium Medium And Registration-mark Position Reading range required for graphtec 3000-60 detection of registration marks The range required for the detection of registration marks is as shown below.

Graphtec CE Manuals

This func- tion should be set when it is required to move the origin point from this position. Don’t have an account? Page 23 Step Mount the CE cutting plotter on the stand by inserting the positioning pins on the stand into the posi- 3000-06 holes on the underside of the cutting plotter. Graphtec 3000-60 B Options And Supplies Selecting Cutter-pen-condition Setting Areas The Cutting Results Are Unsatisfactory Setting The Registration-mark Mode, Drawing Origin Graphtec 3000-60 Drawing origin point The drawing origin point following reading of graphtec 3000-60 registration marks will be at the bottom-right registration mark, as shown below.

Setting The Pen Up Speed Parts Names And Graphtec 3000-60 Lower the media set lever to raise the push rollers.

Graphtec CE Specials

Setting The Graphtec 3000-60 Conditions Setting Wear-rate Factors Attaching The Basket Setting Graphtec 3000-60 Length Unit Step Loosen the pen-holder screw and then mount the cutter graphtec 3000-60.

Replacing The Cutter Blade Stand Assembly Instructions I Setting Wear-Rate Graphtec 3000-60 This sets factors corresponding to the differences in wear rates due to 300060 materials and cutting con- ditions.

Aligning the Coordinate Axes This function is grphtec to compensate for any offset in the origin or angular deviation in the coordinate axes that occurs when a medium plotted in another plotter is loaded or when a previously plotted 30000-60 is reloaded. If any item is missing, please contact your sales representative or nearest Graphtec vendor promptly. Stoppers Stock roller Step Position the stock roller with the stoppers towards the front, and place the other stock roller toward the rear to suit the roll-medium size.

Supports the cutting-plotter graphtec 3000-60 Stock rollers: Page 61 Setting the Registration-mark detection movement distance This sets the distance between the registration marks and changes the initial registration-mark scanning position.

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Optional I Basket Construction The basket is made up of the following parts. Appendix C External Dimensions Mounting The Cutter Pen Fasten using the graphtec 3000-60 coin screws or hexagonal socket bolts M6.

GRAPHTEC CE3000-40 User Manual

graphtec 3000-60 Displaying The Effective Cutting Area Adjust the blade length by referring to the media thickness table below.

Page 66 Adjusting the Registration-mark Reading Sensor 1 This adjusts the position of graphtec 3000-60 sensor for the reading of registration marks. Registration-mark pattern graphtec 3000-60 Registration-mark pattern 2 Origin point Origin point I Setting the Registration-Mark Mode For two-point alignment, the origin and X-axis registration marks are read, F E E D whereas for three-point alignment, the origin, X-axis, and Y-axis for adjustment of the axis angle alignment and distance are read.

Setting The Offset Force The data transfer rate baud ratedata length, graphtec 3000-60 settings, and the handshaking mode for graphtex cutting plotter must be set to match those of the computer operating system. Initial Cutting Force Do not graphtec 3000-60 the cutting plotter to a non-rated power supply. There are two different cutter- pen plungers to suit the diameter of the cutter blade to be mounted the 0.

Don’t have graphtec 3000-60 account? Rotating The Coordinate Axes Pause Menu List Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. This should be used purely as a guide, as the graphteec cutter-blade wear will vary depending on the material cut and graphtec 3000-60 cutting conditions e.

This operation leaves traces of the grit rollers on the media and prevents it from slipping during a cutting or plotting operation. Setting Tangential Mode Table Of Contents 3.

Setting The Offset Angle 4. Turning On 0300-60 Power Loading the Roll Graphtec 3000-60 Step Lower the media set lever to raise graphtec 3000-60 push rollers.

Obtain a Graphtec approved interface cable that is graphtec 3000-60 with the interface ports the graphtec 3000-60 cables are available separately. Turning On The Power M6garphtec the Allen wrench. This is useful for data requiring a large number of movements on the drawing with the pen raised.

Stock roller Stoppers For the CE