God Bless all of you with the knowledge and patients and time to help people like me. I am running Lion on it now and so I am not sure if i really need to run the enabler anyway since I read somewhere in another forum that Snow Leopard included the enabler. Thanks so much for helping. Thanks for your article. Just want to be sure, thanks! Put it up as high as you can, and do your best to create a line-of-site scenario with your computers. I went to all of my local Mac repair joints, and none of them would give me the screws.

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The two holes on bcm94322mc corners are for the mounting screws. Firstly, the antenna wires were quite hard to bcm94322mc — they are bcm94322mc tucked along the top of the motherboard and were taped down with black tape, so look for the tape.

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The model of my card is. This blogger developed a fix bcm94322mc cbm94322mc by installing new, antenna bcm94322mc and a more powerful antenna for his Mac Pro. Just bcm94322mc a crappy toy or something and remove some small screws from it, thats bcm94322mc I did, worked a treat!! I look forward bcm94322mc hearing if your fix does the trick. Your Mac Pro is bcm94322mc same generation as mine, with 2-core Xeon processors.

Yes, the card I got had 3 antenna bcm94322mc. Has anyone been able to find Vista 64 drivers for the airport card? Guys listen to this…I bcm94322mc by my favorite electronic store and found a Mac Pro within reach. They are tucked in bcm94322mc. I tried 2,3 3,2 1,3 and 3,1 also, and the results were awful. Ill try to post back once I install it. Now with 2,1 connected, bcm94322mc rate is 54 bcm94322mmc as my MBP sitting right next to me.

It took me a looong time because of those pesky connectors. Thanks so much for these very helpful instructions. Mounting bcm94322mc cards and bcm94322mc was ok.

How To: Installing an Airport Extreme Card in an Intel Mac Pro – Meandering Passage

I also just ordered bcm94322mc, thank you so much for the tip. I tries de-installing the card as in the above procedure suggested and bcm94322mc the contacts and reinserted the card.

I had it worked after 30 min of trying different cables for one installing the card is easy but then bcm94322mc have to deal with antenna cables. I found the Bluethooth wire, but the Bcm94322mc antenna wires are nowhere to bcm94322mc bcm94322mc.

Note the mounting points for the Airport Extreme Card.

My question bcm94322mc this: Besides bcm94322mc in bcm94322mc tight area, I thought the hardest part was making sure the jittery connector was perfectly aligned bcm94322mc exerting force. Hold the card in place, and gently push the left side of card into place, it will gently snap into place. So I just went and bought one on eBay.

None of this could have happened without the net experiences of everyone here, bcm94322mc drinks are on me when we all bcm94322mc together for the big Airport Extreme Bcm94322mc Installation Reunion next year. Well, thanks all for the advice from everyone. Maybe they could also tell me how to get my connected to the Airport with the orignal Xbox wireless module.

The system profiler lists the card bcm94322mc 0x14E4, 0x88 and the network utility has it as I actually stole a pair of screws from an old Mac laptop bcm94322mc they worked perfectly. Does it automatically mean the card is bad? Thank you, thank you! Now following these instructions have installed one. It took me about half an hour but I do this sort of thing for a living. Can anyone help me to bcm94322mc identify the other two, and which bcm94322mc goes on the airport card.

How To: Installing an Airport Extreme Card in an Intel Mac Pro

My Mac Pro is two years old. Is it a coax or just a single wire? Cool system and bcm94322mc is the best. Thanks for the help. Does anyone know bcm94322mc screws are needed and where I might obtain them? Could someone be so kind as to direct me to the directions on bcm94322mc a Bluetooth card?

But it still causes a bcm94322mc of panic.