This thread is also a bit old. Here is an example of part of my manager. It was first of all very old. Acd agent status control: What should my application do?

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I would start there. Then still on the asteriks, we have asterisk tapi file called O2. The only thing the plugin adds is the ability to click to dial in Firefox.

How to Make Call from Outlook Contacts

A dialog box will open titled New Call and you need to make one last setting change. You qsterisk additional infos at: I have good numbers, extensions, etc. Once asterisk tapi of these settings are entered you asterisk tapi to restart Windows to make the changes active.

Next create asterisk tapi following registry key: You can leave Line Prefix blank and then in the caller ID Name field, enter a name that you would like to appear on your desk phone when placing calls from Outlook. Switchvox is one of them and Freepbx is the other. Your desk phone asterisk tapi start ringing and as soon as you asterisk tapi you will hear asteriisk ringing the contact you chose to call.

See original Forum note.

Asterisk Outlook Connector – General Help – FreePBX Community Forums

It can be found here: But it might be something else. For example, sometimes the New Call window totally freezes Outlook. Asterisk tapi am playing with a couple of versions of it.

There are a lot of applications out asterisk tapi that do this already. You can use asterisk tapi google it for click to dail for the outbound but I do not know of any way of having the inbound working with outlook.

Or try to temporarily hard-code asterisk tapi. I adapted it to not open a window when you dial, to properly trim non-digit characters, and to add a 1 in front of numbers that are 10 digits.

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Our click to dial also works on webpages opened in Chrome. It appears to work since I can evoke the. You can now highlight any phone number on asterism web-page, right-click, and have the number dialed on your phone using any outgoing line of your choice. Dial destination to asteeisk transfer a call. TAPI driver was also tested with the x64 Windows versions.

I am asterisk tapi Activa 1. First asterisk tapi was fine. When I evoke asterisk tapi script, nothing happens. Asterisk Outlook Connector General Help. Enter the access parameter for the Asterisk Server. One that might help you is snapanumber. I am testing another commercial product xtelsio, first blush seems to work OK.


Outcall is pretty much dead with so many assterisk open. See comments on make predictive calls Acd agent status control: Look for Dialer under Start Accessories or asterisk tapi run it from command line as “dialer. For snom phones, you can activate a direct control mode – this allows to initiate calls in hands-free mode and to asterisk tapi incoming calls.

This looks very cool.

You have two ways to configure multiple lines in ActivaTSP: Activa for Asterisk by asterisk tapi. You should give the free version a try just to see if you like it.

PHP on the Asterisk server:. Double-clicking a TAPI line opens the dialog shown below. To use this feature the Tapi asterisk tapi must call lineDial Tapi function: Yes, this is on the Asterisk server.

Asteirsk cannot seem to make that work, nor can I import asterisk tapi from Outlook, only a csv file. Thanks much for your help. Can asterisk tapi tell me where these scripts go? See “ACD integration below”. Do you know of another dialer that integrates with IE? PHP, which basically just passes the data on to P.