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As You Like It by William Shakespeare – Free at Loyal Books

As You Like It was printed in the First Folio in though there is evidence to show that it was performed quite regularly after its presumed creation between What follows is absolutely captivating and a typical Shakespearean comedy! However, others like critic Harold Bloom have found Rosalind to be one of Shakespeare’s great heroines.

As You Like It is indeed a delightful and charming play and one that will provide hours of entertaining reading!

Though a very popular play and one that has been invariably brought to stage, As You Like It is not considered to be the finest of Shakespeare’s works.

The two cousins decide as you like it shakespeare pdf download flee together and join Duke Senior in the forest. SR – November 11, Very nice story. The complicated twists and turns in the llike, elaborate disguises and gender reversals, the importance of love and forgiveness, the contrast between court and forest and the antics of Touchstone, the Fool who accompanies Duke Senior to the forest all make this a delightful play to view and to read.

Duke Senior is banished to the Forest of Arden along with his faithful retainers, leaving his lovely daughter Shakexpeare behind to serve as a companion for the usurper’s daughter, Celia. However, the outspoken Rosalind soon earns her uncle’s wrath and is also condemned to exile.

Wikipedia — As you Like It.

as you like it shakespeare pdf download This is also one of Shakespeare’s most musical plays. In a tiny French dukedom, a younger brother usurps his elder brother’s throne. Wikipedia — William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare In a tiny French dukedom, a younger brother usurps his elder brother’s throne. The play is also famous for one of the most widely quoted passages in literature: Meanwhile, a young nobleman, Orlando is thrown out of shakespear home by his cruel older brother Oliver.

As You Like It – William Shakespeare PDF Download | Free Ebooks

There are plenty of songs incorporated into the body of the play, adding to the rural charm of the pastoral landscape. As You Like It. The portrayals of the Seven Ages of Man, from birth till death is one of the immortal examples of Shakespeare’s deep insight into the human condition. He too finds his way into the forest.

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