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Keys for the Transform panel. Temporarily select Hand tool. Alt-click New Swatch button. Select one character right pagemaer left. Toggle between text selection and cell selection. Basic letter group setting or detail setting. Option—click loaded text icon. Open the Scale dialog box. Base another master page on selected master. Create index entry without dialog box alphanumeric only. Create spot color swatch based on the current swatch.

Adobe pagemaker 7 shortcut keys pdf Free Download for Windows

Swap Fill and Stroke. Keys for the Tabs panel. Alt-click Named Grid icon. Open Paragraph Styles panel. Convert Direction Point tool. Fit selection in window. Minimize active application window. Temporarily selects Hand tool. Increase or decrease baseline shift by five times vertical text.

Command—drag from zero point. Option-click Superscript, Subscript, or Small Caps button.

Insert current page number. Open new default document. Increase or decrease kerning and tracking by five times horizontal text.

Select nonadjacent styles, layers, links, swatches, or library objects in a panel. Double-click Named Grid icon. Select container of selected content. Alt-click New Page button. Open Paragraph Rules dialog box. Adobe pagemaker shortcut keys pdf download for viewing documents and document workspaces. Delete Anchor Point tool. Temporarily select Selection or Direct Selection tool last used. Keys for finding and changing text.

Open the Justification dialog box. Ctrl—drag from zero point. Select buttons in alert dialog boxes. Keys for transforming objects.

Create proper name index entry last name, first name. Adobe pagemaker shortcut keys pdf download paragraph style name.

Learn the default keyboard shortcuts in InDesign

Alt-click Create New Layer. Increase or decrease baseline shift by five times horizontal text. Update missing font list. Select a color for the nonactive fill or stroke. Open index entry dialog box. Replace selection with Change To text.

adobe pagemaker 7 shortcut keys pdf

Option-click Create New Layer. Resize rows or columns proportionally. Right-click zero point and choose an option.